How to Apply

To be eligible for consideration, candidates of all nationalities -with the exception of certain Eligible Family Members of Mission employees (See: "Definitions") - must have the required work and residency permits at the time that they apply for local positions in Dominican Republic. Please note that the U.S. Embassy is not able -under any circumstance- to sponsor candidates for a work entry visa to Dominican Republic.

Local position vacancies are advertised inside and outside concurrently. The recruitment process is competitive; when equally qualified, candidates will be given preference in the following order: Appointment Eligible Family Members, U.S. Veterans claiming preference, and all others (See: "Definitions").

BEFORE APPLYING: To be able to submit your on-line application, you will need to provide an active e-mail address.
Before accessing your on-line application form, make sure you have all the relevant information with you. We shall be collecting both bio-graphical and demographic information, including: Name, Address, Telephone, Nationality, Previous Education and Work Experiences. We also suggest providing a 'cover letter' highlighting the particular qualifications for the position as advertised.

Throughout your application process, you will be able to save, exit and re-enter your form at any time within the Closing Date of the specific Vacancy Announcement you are applying for, utilizing the log-in information (Password) received when initiating the application process.

Please make sure that to apply for this position you must attached the documents listed below: Copy of Cedula, Copy of Educational Documents, Drivers license, Updated Resume, Letter of Recommendations

• All short-listed U.S. Veterans claiming preference will be contacted upon receipt of their Application Form to provide a copy of their Form DD-214 (i.e. Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty).

Failure to submit the above indicated documents will result in the applicant being excluded from the selection process.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered

GETTING STARTED: go the webpage Home Pageand click on the provided link to access the list of available positions. Identify the job you are interested in by reviewing the related Vacancy Announcement.

Once you have decided which position you wish to apply for, click on the “START NEW” button under “APPLICATION”. You will be prompted to insert your e-mail address. The Application Form will hence open and you will be able to start inserting your information. At the same time, the e-mail address you have provided will receive a message containing the login credentials (Username and Password) you will need to utilize to re-enter the Application Form until you officially submit it. Please keep the Password for future access and review of your application, given that the Office of Human Resources will not be able to keep track of the Passwords provided to candidates. Passwords will be active until the Closing Date of each Vacancy Announcement and will nonetheless expire as soon as the application is submitted.

REMEMBER: Until you officially close it and submit it, you may re-enter your open Application Form by clicking on the "EDIT EXISTING" button and by using the Username and Password originally sent to your email address at the time of your first login. To move from one part to the other of the Application Form, click on the tabs identifiying the various sections. The tabs may be viewed by clicking on the "CLOSE ALL" button and may be explored by clicking on "EXPAND ALL".

Once you have finalized your Application Form and made sure all information is correct and accurate, click the “CHECK” button to confirm that the application is complete. The Form will be automatically checked for missing required fields. NOTE: The information you insert at any given time, will be saved by clicking on the "SAVE" button. However, the system itself will automatically save the information you add each time you click on "CHECK", "LOGOUT" or "SUBMIT".

You will now be able to forward your Application Form by clicking the “SUBMIT” button.

You will thus officially submit your Application Form and from that moment on no further adjustments will be possible. An automatically generated e-mail acknowledging receipt of your Application Form and containing all the information provided in your application will be sent to your e-mail address for your record and reference.

REMEMBER: Once you submit your Application Form, you will no longer be able to utilize your Password to re-enter your form. If –upon receipt of our final confirmation e-mail- you realize that any changes/edits are needed, please follow instructions contained in the message received.

NOTE: The HR Office will accept and consider only applications that are associated with a specific Vacancy Announcement and will therefore not accept generic/spontaneous applications. Each Vacancy Announcement will have in fact its customized Application Form to fill out, which will generate a unique Password that will have to be used for that specific Application Form only. Consequently, should you be interested in more than one position, you will need to fill out more than one form.

The on-line Application Form will normally be in English unless a position requires only a limited knowledge of English. In this case, an Application Form in spanish will be made available.

ATTENTION: If you do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time following the closing of the Vacancy Announcement you have applied to, you should assume that your application was not successful.